October 16, 2021


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New shark deterrent may reduce interactions with surfers – Sharkophile

Photograph by Oliver Sjöström on Pexels.comThe Rpela V2, A system mounted on surfboards and design.......

Photograph by Oliver Sjöström on Pexels.com

The Rpela V2, A system mounted on surfboards and designed To discourage sharks from biting, has been found To Scale again the probability of assault by 66%, Based mostly on checks carried out earlier this yr off the coast of Western Australia. 

The research furtherly conagencyed that the Rpela V2 had a 38% decrease in shark interactions, probably giving surfers extra time to exit after They’ve been confronted by predators. The testing was carried out at Salisbury Island southeast of Esperance, a distant hotspot for white sharks.

The rechargeable system, which clips into the surfboard’s backside deck, produces an electrical area Throughout the surfer that overwhelms the shark’s electro-reception organs which they use to navigate and assess their environment. The system Is predicted to retail for round $500.

The electricalal pulses Do not harm the creatures. Researchers in contrast The sensation to people shifting away from unpleasantly loud music.

The work a collaborative effort led by worldwide engineering agency Cardno and Bond College’s Dr. Daryl McPhee, who Focuses on sharks for his profession as an professional. He was assisted by Ocean Ramsey, well-knpersonal for her in depth free diving with huge white sharks.

Dr. McPhee said surfers have been at a a lot greater hazard than completely different water clients when it acquired here to being bitten by sharks, so he useful Their very personal private mitigation measures designed particularly for boardriders -Which incorporates sporting defending gear and staying alert whereas out Inside the ocean.

“There are A lot Of numerous particular person shark deterrents out there however most, collectively with some That are Very trendy, Aren’t efficient or Have not been independently examined,” he …….

Source: https://www.sharkophile.com/2021/10/14/new-shark-deterrent-may-reduce-interactions-with-surfers/